Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

We are advocates of creative leisure activities, especially when it comes to children. Bearing this in mind, we try to create our products.

Glass paints is another option for kids and adults who  seek fulfillment in artistic activities.

These “magic” paints will help to create real stained glass! Certainly, this will deliver more positive experience than creating ordinary drawings. With glass paints the designs of our children are “tangible”, you can stick them to glass surfaces.

With glass paints, children will have the opportunity to create personal Christmas decorations and original gifts. Wouldn’t a “stained glass card:” for Grandma’s Day be a nice change?

Glass paints are   good for foreign language teachers. Instead of drawing words on pieces of paper, kids can create stained glass windows with words and stick them around the room.

It is like combining work and pleasure! Only with TOMA and only with  glass paints!