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A black board marker with a cap with built-in magnet is extremely useful in every kitchen.

It will  easily stick to the refrigerator, being always at hand when you need to make a shopping list or add something to the list of household chores. Aren’t these “reminders” usually hang on the refrigerator?I

Board marker with a magnet also has a feature important for the lazy ones and those who often loose their notes – is completely washable from such surfaces as  a traditional fridge! From now on you can write your shopping list on the fridge or leave there a message for  inmates and the ink will off after rubbing it with a wet cloth or paper.

Also can be also useful for mobile teachers who are commuting to students and often use portable boards without the traditional handles for markers. The board marker with a magnet will  stick to the surface and will not occupy the desk during classes.

Products: Marker do tablic z magnesem TO-298