Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

The longnib marker is an instrument dreamed of for years by handymen, but the concept itself seemed unrealistic.

However here it is! The longnib is a permanent, waterproof marker with an elongated tip that can reach out to small gaps that need to be labeled.

Longnib is ideal for hanging paintings, racks, sculptures, shelves or any equipment requiring markings on the wall before drilling. Thanks to the longnib marker  holes in the walls or in  other surfaces will be drilled perfectly, so you do not have to worry anymore about crookedly hung paintings.

Long nib is great for marking surfaces using a spirit level. Additionally equipped with a practical ruler on case.

The longnib marker will be in you toolbox  for years, because it is refillable.


Precision drilling only with Long nib!

Products: AR-710