Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

Our oil-based markers form a   very colorful and inspiring family!

They come in thirteen colors of ink, and since they provide  durable, quick-drying and permanent surface coating,  they made  a entrance to the workshop of artists  and many others.

They are an excellent marker for “street art”  projects – with saturated colors you can create  even art murals. Durable, water-resistant ink allows to cover surfaces exposed to the worst weather conditions. We can safely claim that with this marker,  every artist can make cities more colorful!

Many works on canvas, cardboard or glass have been created with them. As an artist you will appreciate their deep color and fiber tip permeable to dense  oil-based  ink.

Markers can also be used as a tool for creative housewives  – due to the variety of colors and the possibility of covering all surfaces they are exactly what we can use to change a boring look of vases, candleholders and other home decorations. They say that   woman is flighty  … our marker is an irreplaceable tool for introducing some changes. For those who love the elegant  look, we have markers with gold and silver ink.

With these oil-based  markers you can color and literally improve the entire world!


They can write on everything…


Products: Oil-based marker TO-440, Oil-based marker TO-441, Oil-based marker AR-400