Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

Do you create posters? We have a product designed for drawing any kind of posters, so that they will look really perfect!

The poster marker is offered with tips of 5 different thicknesses 2.0, 6.0, 12.00, 20 and 30mm, and  19, 12, 12, 8, and 9 colors for each thickness. These markers are indispensable for permanent drawing on virtually any surface.

Poster markers   allows you to draw letters in a very precise way  and shade them effectively. The thickest of Poster Markers is perfect for drawing signs  which must be visible from a distance and huge banners.

They can be used  not only on paper. You can permanently write with them on glass, rubber or metal, so its usefulness will be treasured by every owner of  commercial premises.

They are waterproof, so you can write  permanently an offer of the restaurant or shop directly on the glass exhibition. An ad inscribed  on any surface with the poster marker and placed outdoors will not fade away even under the worst weather conditions.

Their intense colors and durability will make them one of your favorite products!

Products: Poster Marker AR-004, Poster Marker AR-030