Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

A friendly dragon Zębozaurus is a favorite of children.

It is a guardian and embellishment of the whole range of  products with which artistically gifted will have a chance to develop their skills, while those less motivated will just have a great time.

Especially for small artists Zębozaurus offers  traditional wax crayons, pencils for sketching and intense colorful  pens that will add bright colors to small works.

In the long winter evenings, kids are looking for creative activities  so the dragon Zębozaurus proposes to create  stained glass using special glass paints. Once the  project is dry, you can successfully decorate windows with it. Young artists will be inspired by the enclosed  templates – supposedly they were made by Zębozaurus himself.

For kids who like art gadgets, this series offers twisted  colored pencils! You are recommended as a gift for the less patient kids – some of the children give up when they have to sharpen traditional colored pencils.

In a set or as separate items, the  Zębozaurus series is a set which is perfect to develop artistic abilities in children.

A cheerful dragon Zębozaurus offers nice, durable, non-toxic and friendly  products. They have been  designed to make the children smile while learning or having fun!


Products: TO-554, TO-558, TO-570, TO-581, TO-587, TO-590