Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

T-shirt markers is our proposal for children but also for creative adults who aspire to become fashion designers.

T-shirt markers  come in 19  attractive colors of ink. When applied on the material, they penetrate deeply into the fabric and remain resistant to washing at 60 ° C.

Their odorless ink will provide fun to the youngest. Small kids can draw on a white t-shirt cartoon characters or favorite motifs. After pressing, the drawing on a t-shirt becomes permanent. A hand-painted t-shirt can be a great gift for friends or colleagues.

T-shirt marker is a great product to design clothing with your name or slogan – making  the clothes unique. Children and young people can create t-shirts appropriately marked to play team sports requiring recognizable groups.

In addition to purely recreational applications, the T-shirt marker may be a useful tool in the fashion industry. Creating hand-sewn T-shirts and sweatshirts has been recently very popular  and new brands are created in a day. Maybe the  T-shirt marker will be useful for young designers as an alternative to traditional graphics and patterns?

They say that style is an idea you wear. If this statement is true, a T-shirt marker should be a favorite product of fashionists.


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