Kiedy potrzebujesz inspiracji…

12 intense colors of TOMA fine liners  will not only inspire  the kids at school, but also artists.

These precision, colorful fineliners do well in the work of graphic designers. Intense colors will   precisely purport the  projects. hey can be used to color a small surfaces with great accuracy.

They are great for   sketching and coloring characters. Artists appreciate fineliners when creating comic books or other projects that require intense colors that can be applied to small and intricate elements of the drawing.

Fineliners, both black and colored, are keen to work with interior designers who still prefer the traditional forms and want to work with a fineliner rather than a tablet.

The staff in statistical offices can use them to draw more complex graphs.

We do not write, we draw!

Products: Cienkopis F-Liner TO-344