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Chalk markers offer five juicy colors for infinite fun, work and more  possibilities than ever  of obtaining a washable effect of a traditional chalk.

Chalk markers are wiped away with a damp sponge just like all known traditional chalk.

They are a modern substitute for traditional, dust generating and staining classroom chalk.

They will be great for owners of catering facilities – you can write with them on  restaurant menu  boards or windows. They can be easily wiped away from any surface.

They will be also useful in any facility where you need a tool for writing and erasing on boards,  glass or other surfaces.

Chalk-based erasable ink can be successfully used by  directors of stage performances, technical staff, artists and set designers. Chalk markers can be used to make a label on the stage and then remove it.

Chalk markers can be fun for creative people who like to experiment at home. Are you bored with this poster of Marilyn Monroe hanging for years in that clip frame?  Grab a chalk marker and add a crown or colored lashes and you’ll have a  funny pop art. If it turns out that you are not a  Warhol, this chalk marker can be easily erased!


Products: Chalk marker AR-014, Chalk marker TO-290, Chalk marker TO-291, Chalk marker TO-292