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Opaque marker  is another marker that will be useful in the catering industry.

It is great to place  information on   black and white menu boards. on A-boards,  and it will be useful in bars and clubs.

Unlike the chalk marker, this opaque marker will look like a traditional marker, and the ink can be erased with dry-eased from such surfaces as glass, plastic and metal.

This marker may be useful in traditional betting where ordinary scoreboards have not yet been replaced by LCD screens. The opaque marker can be quickly wiped off the board and replaced by a new entry.

The opaque marker is doing well wherever you have to temporarily label the  goods, e.g. in glass factories.

Do you work in a pet shop? This dry-erase opaque marker is perfect for labeling  and pricing aquariums and terrariums.

Products: Marker Opaque AR-007